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Unveiling rich flavours and textures with every bite, our chocolate domes encompass everything we love about chocolate in one. Experience 5 layers of endless flavour; a crispy wafer filled with delicious hazelnuts, double chocolate or coconut cream, and a unique croquette in the middle. 

Like all of Godiva’s treats, our chocolate domes are crafted by our chef chocolatiers, who have carefully designed every layer and flavour. The crispy shell, soft filling and nutty centre all purposely contrast for a taste sensation, while flavours perfectly balance rich and crisp. 

Chocolate domes are among our best selling chocolate and it’s easy to see why. Loved by many, these rich domes pair perfectly with a hot drink when you’re in need of a moment of indulgence. Sip our nutty coffee alongside and enjoy the dome’s soft centre melting in your mouth. 

These chocolates are individually sized and perfect for treating yourself. However if you’re looking for something more, take a look at our chocolate boxes or birthday chocolates to really show someone you care.

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