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Napolitains Navy Box, 80pc - GODIVA Chocolates UK
On sale - 15% off
Napolitain Gift Box, 128pc - GODIVA Chocolates UKNapolitain Gift Box, 128pc - GODIVA Chocolates UK
On sale - 15% off
Napolitains Pouch, 14pc - GODIVA Chocolates UKNapolitains Pouch, 14pc - GODIVA Chocolates UK
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Napolitains Navy Box, 120pc - GODIVA Chocolates UK
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Individually wrapped moments of joy, Godiva napolitains chocolates are like little bites of heaven. Available in four flavours, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate pistachio, they’re a great way to experience our signature taste - one wrapper at a time.

Like always, our chocolate napolitains are made by our master chocolatiers and perfect for gifting to loved ones for Birthdays, Weddings or Anniversaries. Available in boxes of 14 pieces up to 84, our napolitains can be enjoyed with company, or indulged upon alone. However you choose, we won’t judge.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a box of our luxurious napolitains chocolates today.

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