At Godiva, we’re not only committed to making sure that our soft, velvety and luxurious Belgian chocolate is made by master chocolatiers, but we’re also dedicated to making out collections as inclusive as possible. With that in mind, we have made sure that all of our chocolates are Halal certified and where possible, Kosher too. This way, more people get to taste our delicious and decadent chocolate.
We have kosher and halal chocolate in all of our collections, including our chocolate bars and snacks, gold collection, and assorted boxes, alongside both our milk and dark chocolate. Not only this, but we also have an entire collection dedicated to Eid, so you can gift your loved ones and celebrate in style.

Halal Chocolate & Kosher Chocolate

Is chocolate halal?

For chocolate to be considered halal, it has to go through proper assessments by authorities. This has been carried out with Godiva by the HFCE (Halal Food Council of Europe), meaning we can guarantee that all of our chocolate is considered halal certified as it contains no traces of alcohol, pork or pork derivatives.

Is chocolate kosher?

To be kosher, a company has to be certified or given a kosher licence. At Godiva, a lot of our chocolate is certified kosher, so they are perfect to enjoy over Jewish holidays, or just as a sweet treat to yourself or a loved one.

However, unfortunately, not all of our chocolate is currently kosher certified. 

Find out which of our chocolates have been certified by the orthodox union after a visit by an accredited Rabbi here.

Please find some of our halal and kosher certified indulgent chocolates above.