No matter how old you are, one of the most exciting things about Easter has to be the chocolate! Whether you’re searching for luxury chocolate Easter eggs for yourself this holiday, or you’re treating the little ones in your life to a delicious Easter gift, you can rely on Godiva to supply moreish chocolate Easter eggs that everyone can enjoy.

Chocolate Easter Eggs and Easter Gifts

Apart from being an essential for a family Easter egg hunt, our popular mini eggs are often used for decorating Easter cakes, traybakes or cupcakes, spreading the joy even further this Easter! Our Easter egg online delivery means we can deliver all the Easter gifts and goodies to your door, so the only problem you’ll have is deciding  which to share and which to keep…From white, milk and dark chocolate Easter eggs, to mini chocolate eggs for Easter egg hunts in the garden that the whole family can enjoy, Godiva Easter chocolate is known for its exceptional quality and unique flavour combinations. Our secret? Creative chefs and chocolatiers, paired with quality ingredients. Driven by passion and innovation – we are Godiva, the world's most iconic premium chocolate company.

Why are Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies Part of the Easter Tradition?

Every year, chocolate eggs and bunnies arrive in the shops, announcing that Easter is just around the corner. But why do we have Easter eggs and bunnies, and why are they often made from chocolate?Firstly, in pre-Christian pagan times, spring was a time to celebrate the ancient goddess of fertility, Eostre. “Easter” derived its name from here. The rabbit symbolises fertility and new life, and so the Easter bunny was born.Secondly, where did the chocolate Easter egg originate? Similarly to bunnies, eggs are synonymous with new life and rebirth. In the mediaeval times, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) so on Easter Sunday, being able to eat an egg was seen as a real treat. Fast forward to a modern-day Easter 2023, and chocolate eggs are the new traditional treat. And, what better way to break your Lent fast, than with a Godiva chocolate Easter egg!?